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Longform Features:

Salon, "A Hollywood Party, with a Nervous Look to Iran", March 2012

METRO"Moon 2.0, the Next Generation of Space Exploration", February 2012 

The Moving Arts Film Journal, "Terrible Things Have Happened Here", January 2011

City on a Hill Press, "A Shaky House of Cards", May 2010

City on a Hill Press, "The Drowning of New Orleans", November 2009

On Film:

NO TOFU, “Year in Film: Top Ten of 2013”, January 2014

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You, "Failed Franchises: Hulk (2003) Review”, June 2013

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You, "Failed Franchises: Godzilla (1998) Review”, June 2013

Untitled Magazine, "Pitfalls of the Mega-Narrative: Cloud Atlas Review”, October 2012 

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You, House of Wax: A Bronson Retrospective”, November 2011

METRO, The Rum Diaries: Review”, November 2011

Not Coming to a Theatre Near YouBlade Runner: A Retrospective”, January 2011

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You"Rock Follies: Sympathy for the Devil Review”, December 2010

Not Coming to a Theatre Near You, I’m Still Here: Review”, October 2010

Not Coming to a Theatre Near YouThe Social Network: Review”, October 2010

On Music:

Noisey, "We Watched Celine Dion Perform A Duet With A Hologram Of Herself"July 2014 

Noisey"What Your Favorite ‘Drunk In Love’ Remix Says About You”, February 2014

NO TOFU, "On Macklemore, Rap Grammys, and Mistaken White Privilege", January 2014

METRO, "How Hiatus Kaiyote’s Future Soul Sound Got Everyone Buzzing", October 2013

Models & Rappers"Kanye West’s Yeezus: According to Rod B.”, June 2013

Models & Rappers"Punk and Everything is Dead: According to Rod B.", May 2013

Models & Rappers, "Coachella: According to Rod B.", April 2013

Models & Rappers"Tyler, The Creator’s Wolf: According to Rod B.”, April 2013

METRO"Lady Gaga: The Millenium’s Queen of Extreme", January 2013

METRO, "Enduring the Queen: Why Madonna Still Matters", October 2012

METRO, "The Black Keys Come to San Jose", November 2011

On Culture:

Medium, "On Woody, A Love Letter to Women", February 2014

METRO, "Rose-Tinted Lenses and the Meaning of Instagram", April 2012

Thought Catalog"Let’s Have the ‘Racism in Hollywood’ Conversation One More Time", March 2012

City on a Hill Press"Digital Killed the Video Stars", November 2011

City on a Hill Press, "Citizen Kate", April 2011

City on a Hill Press, "Sheiks and the City", June 2010

City on a Hill Press, "The Power of the Present", May 2010

City on a Hill Press, "All is Fear in Love & War", May 2009

City on a Hill Press, "Awkward Comedy and the Sound of Silence", April 2009

City on a Hill Press"Wising Up or Dumbing Down?, January 2009

Giggles & Generation i:

The Stoop Kids"Twentysomethings and Money", February 2013

The Stoop Kids, "Twentysomethings and Quirk", December 2012

The Stoop Kids, "Twentysomethings and Work", October 2012

METRO,"Madonna’s Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments", October 2012

Thought Catalog,"A List of Some of the Worst People", August 2012

Thought Catalog, "Romanticizing Europe: A Guide of Sorts", November 2011

Thought Catalog"Why I Hate Video Chat", August 2011 

City on a Hill Press, "The Secret to Surviving the Secret Film Festival",  April 2010